“Very Fun and very useful, I learned a lot through this course. Thank you SUN English”
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Nada Adara ArysantiUniv.Padjajaran

“Thanks to SUN I managed to get 8 in IELTS and brag about
it to my friends. Earlier, I only expected to get
7 on the test. But somehow thanks to SUN,
I managed to achieve 8 the actual test.
The training that SUN gave me was quite accurate
on how the test was actually like”
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Marco MedhavantoSMA KANISIUS

“Although I hate reading, learning IELTS is SUN is never boring. The teacher is nice and competent so I can study more effectively”
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Kevin Krisna Suwana(EPT Score:5.0 INT'L Score:6.5) SMA Kanaan Kemayoran

“The lessons werw easy to understand and time was also flexible. Thanks to the teacher in SUN Education Group, I was able to get a satisfactory result for mu IELTS test”
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sun english ELLYCIA CHEN
Ellycia Chen(EPT:5.0 Int'l Score: 7.0)Ghandi School

“The materials are on point, I learn a lot of beneficial things. Teachers was good and understanding, I have a fun learning process. The explanations were understandable so I get the topics quite easily.”

Wardah Nafisah(EPT:6.0 INT'L Score:7.5) Employee